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  • Justin Hand
  • Earle Harrison
  • Rob Rhinehart
  • Alazar Tamrat


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Progress Updates


- Played with the rotation values. It can now make a better turn.
- Kinda finished a C++ version. We might use it in the future in case we opt not to use Python {also has http_fetch() now}

downloaded old version of migio and it worked great. Figures…
Forget windows too I'm using the python bindings for opencv 2.1 on ubuntu
"sudo apt-get install python-opencv"
it will install opencv and libopencv automatically

I adapted the example file to track the Rovio
'enter' clears the tracking dots drawn
'p' draws a 1m x 1m (189px) square based on initial position of Rovio.

Justin hacked on migio until we got rovio to move in a square.

Struggled endlessly getting Migio to compile on windows
compiled libcurl using cygwin
using opencv 2.1 compiled for x64
visual studio still won't compile it

communicating with Rovio over ad-hoc wifi as we couldn't get it to work on GTwireless, maybe consider cloning MAC address?

Rovio docs:

Communication with Rovio established
OpenCV installed and configured with VS2010
Migio project compiled and run

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