Skyscraper Signup

Each group will create at least one skyscraper (2-3 ft. tall with max. 4" x 4" base or max 3" x 10" base). Light (cardboard / foamboard) and even density throughout. This is a sign-up for skyscrapers (each group should know where theirs is on an Atlanta map).

Try to pick cool looking buildings and do a nice job of actually building/coloring/wall-papering them. It makes it a lot more fun!

  • Team Yes - Bank of America Building (The Pencil Building)
  • Team Cyborg - The Westin
  • Team 101010 - AT&T Building, Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel
  • Team Jurassic Hoagies - Centennial Towers
  • Team Bender - One Atlantic Center (Golden Spike)
  • Team A - Coke Building
  • Team Son of a Bit - Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
  • Wayward Sons - The King Building
  • Dinobots - The State of Georgia Building
  • Arrow->Wheel - 1180 Peachtree
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