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  • John Girata
  • Jasmine Lawrence
  • Laura Vogelaar


Pictures / Videos

Face Tracking!


Rovio Cha Cha Slide

Rovio Square with Tracking

Rovio Square

Progress Updates


We have completed the evaluation of the environment. We still need to test the path planning methods with the data environment we gater. We have designed 3 obstacle courses that use varying obstacle shapes and placements. We are working on a fruit guidance system to contrict the motion of the fruit during the trip home.


Made good progress the face finding code. Made great use of the OpenCV library. See Picture Above!



Rovio API Specification: http://www.wowwee.com/static/support/rovio/manuals/Rovio_API_Specifications_v1.2.pdf

The ratio with a camera distance of 287 cm is:
1 meter = 189 pixels.
I wrote code that draws a 1m x 1m square based on the first location it sees the robot. Then every so many loops of the program (I guess we should implement a timer), it sees where the robot is and adds that location to a list of points which it draws on the screen every frame. In this way it makes a dashed line following the robot's motion (closer dots when it is slow, farther dots where it is fast).

Our Rovio can drive in a square but it is unreliable. The code for this has been submitted to that google code repository. Code has been written for our custom shape. We hope to improve accuracy with video tracking.


New IP for Rovio:


I changed the Rovio configuration to use a static IP. Before it was using a dynamic IP so after I turned the Rovio off for a day or two and turned it back on, the same IP address no longer worked (of course). So, all the directions still apply but use the following IP address instead:

Additionally, I got the sample code to run on my Windows 7 64-bit machine. It is a fresh install of windows so if you also have windows and want to run the example, please do the following:

  1. Install MinGW
  2. Install LibCurl
  3. Download and change the C example file (in whatever editor you want)
    1. Delete the current includes and add the following instead:
      1. <windows.h>
      2. <winbase.h>
      3. <curl.h>
    2. Change the IP address and the port number to be the most recent one (shown above). This can be done with a Find & Replace if you want. Find: Replace:
  4. Use the web interface to deactivate the security so that your script can be run. Settings->Security tab then uncheck the "Enable User Authentication" and hit the Update button
  5. Compile the code. Navigate to your sample code file in the command prompt and use the following command: gcc rovio-curl-example.c -o rovio.exe -I <curl\include\curl> -L <curl\lib> -lcurldll
    1. Replace <curl\include\curl> with the path to root directory the curl files you installed then \include\curl
    2. Replace <curl\lib> with the path to root directory the curl files you installed then \lib

- Laura


I used 32-bit windows 7 to configure the Rovio. (Does not work at all with 64-bit). To connect using any OS:

1. Connect to GTwireless (not GTwpa)
2. Log in through LAWN like normal
3. Type in the IP address: into the browser and hit enter
4. Type in the rovio username and password. I have e-mailed these out to each group member.

- Laura

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