IPR 2012 Wiki Page

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This is a wiki for the 2012 IPR Course:

  • IPR 2012 WebPage - The course webpage contains information about the class, PDFs of slides from previous lectures and reading material.

Contacts & Groups

  • Student Contact - This is the contact info for students in the class. If your info is not listed, please add it.

Group Pages

  • Wayward Sons: Sameer Ansari, Tommy Kazenstein, David Bernal
  • Jurassic Hoagies: Shashank Chamoli, Tim Pincumbe, Willie Owens, Tyler Cochran
  • Bender: Tyler Powell, Robert Leidy, Joe Kindle, Matt Pinkston
  • Dinobots: Josh Fierstein, Kristian Lind, Shane Starcher
  • 101010: John Girata, Jasmine Lawrence, Laura Vogelaar
  • Son of a bit: Justin Hand, Earle Harrison, Rob Rhinehart, Alazar Tamrat
  • Yes: Michael Zipp,Maxwell McRae, Jingyin Zhang, Raymond Chian
  • Cyborg: Ashish Narasimham, Aaron Fan, Janzen Brewer
  • Team A: Oudy Yang, Vince Lugli, Wylie McEvoy, Charles Cagle

Robot Tips

  • ROVIO - Information and tips on using the Rovio.
  • PLEO - Questions and help on using the Pleo.


  • OpenCV - Premier Free Vision Library
  • Eigen - For Perception & Normal Linear Algebra

Starter Code

  • MiGIO - Page with C++ starter code for robot control and vision
  • Eigen - Example for using the Eigen library.
  • OpenCV Demo Code - Demo code for perception.
  • cvBlobsLib v6.1 Modified by your TA to work with OpenCV 2.2 + Visual Studio 2010

Final Project Info

  • Skyscraper Signup - Sign up for an Atlanta skyscraper. First come first serve.
  • Skyscraper Photos - Take a top-view picture of the skyscraper, post it here.
  • Robot Photos - Take a top-view picture of your robot (after you dress it up), post it here.

Interesting Robot Info / Videos / Discussions

Please use this space to add links to interesting new findings in robotics, your own videos and anything else to share with the class. It's really here for you! (Put your name in parentheses if you add stuff)

http://www.ted.com/talks/peter_fankhauser_meet_rezero_the_dancing_ballbot.html (Raymond Chian)

http://www.ted.com/talks/hod_lipson_builds_self_aware_robots.html (Raymond Chian)

Dear whoever took control of my Rovio in Center St South: I've learned my lesson and won't leave my robot on and accessible to the world anymore. (Janzen Brewer)

Amazing quad rotor robots flying in a formation. Related to trajectories we talked about in class yesterday.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQIMGV5vtd4 (David House)

http://www.udacity.com/cs#373 (Alazar)

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